While much of New England is trashed with light pollution little pockets like Ashfield still exist where you can see the milky way. Here’s a four minute exposure of it! [2048×1365][OC]

While much of New England is trashed with light pollution little pockets like Ashfield still exist where you can see the milky way. Here’s a four minute exposure of it! [2048×1365][OC]

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  1. I live in Saint-Georges, Quebec, right across the border from Jackman, Maine. From my city all the way down to Skohegan is just deep forest. Over 150km of nothing but trees. The sky is so dark you can see everything. Definitely the best place in New England for star gazing.

  2. >While much of New England is trashed with light pollution

    Not true, New England is massive and has large amounts of rural areas. New England is more than just the city of Boston. Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, etc, all have enormous amounts of rural areas

  3. I’m a novice at night photography. How do you take a 4 minute exposure without stars streaking? It seems I can’t leave the shutter open more than 30 sec or so without the stars moving. Genuinely curious. Thanks!

  4. This is one of the things I love about living in the countryside, here in Old England. It’s such a shame that so many people never get to see the ancient, astral beauty of the heavens for themselves.

  5. I took my first Milky Way pic this past Friday. Though I didn’t know what I was doing it was an amazing and got to see a few meteors flashing by. You can see the MW with your bare eyes up in the white mountains in NH on a clear night. Ride up the Kangamagus off of 93 and stop along the south side. Not much to add in the background for a photo but still amazing to see.


  6. im using a canon rebel , but from what i can tell i can take only max 20-30 seconds. Is there some kind of override button to take 4 minute exposures or do i need a special camera . Also what does BULB mean?

  7. Wow! I’ve tried this many times without getting anything close. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I stay out for easily to four minutes without blinking and only see a couple of stars.

  8. Hey! Shameless plug for where I live, but it’s a very short hop to come to the Isle of Man, which has the highest concentration of dark sky sites in the British Isles! Beautiful place to visit too, if you like weird people and big water wheels 🙂

  9. In this picture, what’s the actual perspective relative to the Milky Way. Are we looking inward facing its center, or are we looking outward, towards the edge and beyond?

  10. This is a misleading title. ” **much of New England is trashed with light pollution** ” is just not a true statement. Most of New England’s land area is made up of New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine (which are mostly rural populations with a few large population centers), with the other NE states being small states that are mostly populated on the coasts. CT, and MA (the next two largest states of NE) have really large areas where they are mostly rural populations.

  11. By area I’d say probably about half of New England is dark enough for milky way views.

    Don’t forget how empty most of Maine is.

    Even in MA there are stellar views in the berkies, and out near the quabbin, even on the Worcester side. And of course from the cape cod national seashore and off of the more unpopulated islands off Chatham and Woods Hole.

    Nowhere in Rhode island though I bet

  12. Serious (and probably stupid) question here. Are new Englanders welcoming to people of different ethinicites and religion? Is there any group of people that won’t feel welcome? I’m asking out of curiosity as I would love to visit and I’m neither white or Christian or Jew. Im scared to visit the south for this reason.

  13. I recently moved to a rural town in North East CT from a suburb of Hartford and about a month in I looked up and was just amazed by all of the stars. Every night the sky is clear I get a little treat 🙂

  14. I live in Maine which is roughly 50% of new England. There is little to no light pollution here except for maybe Portland but even in portland you can see stars. So, not really sure where you’re getting your statistics from.

  15. Ahhh, home sweet home – the Berkshires! Hubby and I sit out on our deck in Peru, MA most nights and can see the milky way, shooting stars, etc….it’s amazing, we feel very lucky that we’re able to see them!

  16. every now and then i think to myself “man, i wish we lived in a part of the galaxy where the night sky is vibrant and beautiful…” I keep forgetting that it is and we just can’t see it where we are.

  17. Incredible shot. Something about that crude man-made stone staircase really centers the whole image for me. Is the foreground a cutout from a different image taken from the same camera position?

  18. So many people are really really defending New England in the comments and referring to me as a “masshole” so I wanted to put this up here and address it head on.

    I did NOT mean for the “trashed” verb in my title to be taken so seriously. I was born and raised in NE and it’s AMAZING. I love it here, and this will always be home for me.

    “Trashed” was an aggressive verb to use, and in retrospect I should’ve picked lighter terms. My title really should have been,

    A lot of New England has areas of really intense light pollution, but many pockets still exist to see the stars. Here’s a four minute exposure of one from Ashfield, MA.

    I did not mean to attack NE in any way shape or form or really attempt to generalize MA as all of NE. I meant only to point out the discrepancy in light pollution between the western and eastern United States as seen by http://www.lightpollutionmap.info.

    Hopefully this comment makes it clear what I was shooting for and once again I apologise for the confusion.

  19. There are plenty of nice, less populated areas in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Western Mass…

    If you live in Providence RI, then I can understand why you associate New England with trash lol

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