**TL;DR:** I created a spreadsheet that automates pulling trending stock symbols, recent news, and recent tweets into Excel. If you don’t want to provide an e-mail, just PM me for it, otherwise you can find it here: http://spreadstreet.com/downloads/pull-stock-price-sentiment-trending-symbols/

Hey all,

I know some of the members in the group prefer to work in Excel (including myself) so I created a spreadsheet that looks at trending symbols and estimates bullish/bearish sentiment. I never had the time to develop software engineering skills, but the recent launch of a few add-ins has allowed regular joes like myself to harness the power of APIs.


1. Excel

2. Blockspring Add-in (can download from within sheet)

3. A StockTwits account (Free)

**What it pulls:**

– Trending Symbols (30 at a time)

– Historical Price Data (Up to 5 years)

– Recent News

– Recent Tweets

– Bullish/Bearish Sentiment of recent tweets

Hoping this is something that is useful to the group, and I am more than happy to help peeps setup the sheet so they can use it. Just send me a message on here or to my inbox.

Full Disclosure – I am in no way affiliated with Microsoft, Blockspring, or StockTwits. I just happen to find the services very valuable.

**As requested, Google Sheets link has been added to the spreadsheet.**

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